miércoles, 5 de diciembre de 2012

Hands Sculpting

Hi just a quick Wip here,
After a lot of work I finally finished sculpting this hands meant to be as realistic as posible.
Please any critique or advice will be more than welcome! :D

Kabalite Warrior LowPoly WIP. DoW 2 Mod project.

Hi all,
This is a project I am working on, is a character intended to be in a game some day!
I am doing this as part of a mod for the game Dawn of War 2 on wich I am collaborating as 3d artist. This is only the begining I still need to detail it in Zbrush, paint, rigging, animating, etc. I will show you my advances soon.
As always, hope you like it!
Critiques welcome!

Bunny teddy in Zbrush

Hi again,
This time I came with a birthday present I did a couple of months ago for my princess, and another great artist, Paloma Téllez.(http://lazosytrazos.blogspot.co.uk/http://rendidalarte.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/fotos)
This was done from a real bunny teddy she did, and I just take the concept and did it on 3d, is just a Zbrush work, sculpting, texturing and rendering in Zbrush.
Hope you like it.
Attached are the final render and the original teddy.

"Imoceratops" Organic finished

Hi again people,
This my final project for the last Master degree I did on CICE, is... Well I don't know what it is exactly but I toke some inspiration from dinosaurs, dragons, bulls and gorillas. I must say this project was so difficult at the beginning in the designing phases with a lot of changes in the way until I finally chose the final design. I am very glad of this project once it finished and I must say thanks to Victor Sanz Fernandez (http://igovictor.deviantart.com/gallery/) a wonderful artist who did some concept art for me based on my original designs and ideas. Thank you!
I am planning on use this model on my reel once I have finished a couple of projects more. And almost for sure, it will get some updates with some props.

About the process I followed what is startin to be my main workflow. Main blocking in Zbrush along with modeling and final details, retopologize in TopoGun, Uv Layout from Zbrush and perfectioned on 3dsMax, Painted in Zbrush, material configuration on Max, and final render and lighting.

You can see an image from the highpoly and lowpoly comparison, the concept from Victor and a couple of turnarrounds.
Hope you like it!